Guarantee Service

Inspection and Calibration

Various measuring instruments manufactured by PANTOS, including recorders, are highly accurate precision equipment.
In particular, a recorder with movable parts might become unable to maintain accuracy due to wear and tear, etc. of mechanical components, depending on a frequency of use.
PANTOS recommends our customers to conduct checks (basic operational checks), maintenance (bodywork clean-up or replacement of consumable and degenerative parts), and calibration (calibration and data collection by reference machines) at least once a year.
In requesting for or holding a consultation about checks or calibration, please contact us through inquiries.


Before requesting for repairs, please fill in all necessary matters through inquiries.
Please fill in the contents of any deficiency in detail as much as possible.
Moreover, if there are any conditions under which a deficiency occurs, whereby a customer provides us with information about any such conditions and a frequency of occurrence, this will ensure that the identification of causes and the conduct of repair works are executed accurately and quickly. Please cooperate with us in this matter. After an estimate of repairs is submitted to a customer beforehand, we will perform a repair work with the customer’s consent to the contents of repairs and the amount of money.
If a deficient product is returned to a customer without doing repairs after an estimate of repairs has been submitted to the customer, we may claim the customer for an expense of estimating repairs.
Please consult us through inquiries about any products under the discontinuance of production or the products of the former Nippon Denshi Kagaku Co., Ltd.