Paperless RecorderDiscontinue

  • Chart paper is the recorder of the unnecessary
  • Operation by personal computer
  • Waveform display to personal computer
  • The operability of conventional type pen recorders has been achieved.
  • Recorded data is managed on the hard disk of a personal computer.
  • Only necessary portions are recordable in a paper recorder (option) at a later time.

Recorder1 to 3 Pen4 to 16 PenPortable 1 2 Pen

  • 1-16 pen lineup
  • Desk (flatbed) and portable types can be selected according to the application
  • Flatbed type, with long table plate while recording notes easily
  • Portable type can be used anywhere, for field,laboratory, in-car use.
  • U-841 and U-1641 can be temperature measurement

Driver's Aid

  • Various run modes are optimal for testing on exhaust gases and fuel economy, etc.
  • Arbitrary run modes can be easily created.
  • Responds to testing rooms and on-road actual-vehicle tests.
  • Responds to on-line measurement by establishing connections to a personal computer.
  • Fully loaded with driving support functions such as the full view or scale-enlarged view, etc. of a run mode.

Dew-point instrument

  • Digital display of temperature and dew point
  • Dew point and temperature analog outputs (two each)
  • The measurement of the place away from the place to measure is possible.
  • Negative temperature measurement is possible
  • Measuring unit can be installed in a rack or tabletop

Analog Radio Transceiver

  • Wireless communication is established between a sensor or amplifier (a magnetic detector, etc.) and a recorder.
  • Analog voltage signals can be transmitted and received by radio over 1 channel.
  • Input/output range ±1V
    (Max±Up to 2V)
  • Transmission range Max300m ※Depending on your environment
  • PANTOS has acquired a certificate of conformity with technical standards, which is a national system. (※ Within Japan, for transmitters only).

Precision Flow Meters P000/P210 series detectorPositive displacement type 4-radial piston fuel flow rate detector

MODEL P210 Standard series
Withstand voltage7Mpa

MODEL P000 High Pressure Series
Withstand voltage50Mpa

It is an unparalleled detector that is optimal for measuring fuel injection quantity and fuel consumption of various engines for automobile/industrial machinery.
A wide flow rate range (0.03 to 108L/h=P213) of low viscosity and fluid fuel with high and low temperatures, is achieved with low pressure loss. Flow rate is detected through a Hall effect sensor, a built-in CPU dedicated to flow rate measurement, and various software functions, developed independently by MAX. A high resolution / high speed response (detection every 1ms) of pulse output / analog output can be selected.

Return-Fuel Processing Tank Vapor Eliminator 370 Series

Return-fuel processing tank (level controller) MODEL 370-175

  • The function of a return-fuel recirculating tank.
  • The function of removing air bubbles from return fuel.
  • The function of supplying a net fuel consumption.
  • The function of controlling fuel levels.
  • The function of supplying fuel in the vicinity of atmospheric pressure.

Fuel Flow Meter display unit TC-100B/7000 Series

Fuel flow meter display unit

Various functions are installed for the exclusive-use measurement of fuel flow rates.

  • Measurement item・Display
    Instantaneous flow rate / Integrated flow rate of consumed fuel.
    Simultaneous measurement and indication of integrated elapsed time.
  • Arbitrary settings for an integrated measurement mode.
  • Two flow-rate detectors can be used for simultaneous measurements.
  • Analog outputs and integrated pulse outputs.
  • Operate start / stop / reset / repeat

Simple fuel flow meter display unit TC-7300

Two flow-rate detectors are used.
An instantaneous flow rate and a difference between integrated flow rates are measured.

  • Measurement item:Instantaneous flow rate / Integrated flow rate of consumed fuel./Integration time
  • Display item:Instantaneous or integrated flow rate
  • Each measurement mode / measurement range arbitrary setting