Analog Radio Transceiver TRM-1650/REC-1650

A radio transceiver can transmit analog voltage signals (maximum ±2V) output from sensor/amplifier, such as magnetic detectors, to recorders, such as pen recorders and data loggers, by using radio in a frequency band of 429 MHz.
A driving power source is provided by a DC12V battery or four AA dry cells for a transmitter, and by a DC12V battery or an AC adapter (DC9V) for a receiver respectively.
※ A radio transceiver comes with a dry-cell box and an AC adaptor.

Analog Radio Transceiver Specs

Model TRM-1650(Analog Wireless transmitter)
REC-1650(Analog wireless receiver)
External dimensions 100(W)×150(H)×36(D)㎜
(Both the transceiver,Projection things are not included.)
Mass 370g or less(Both the transceiver,Including antenna)
Operating temperature limit -5℃ to +50℃
Power supply Operating voltage DC4.5 to 13.5V(Both the transceiver)
Consumption current 150mA or less(Both the transceiver)
DC12V(Battery) or
Alkali AA dry cell × 4
(Continuous operation over 20 hours)
※It depends on usage conditions.
DC12V(Battery) or
AC adapter(DC9V 0.65A)
Channel 2ch (switching type,Using the same Channenle for transmitter and receiver)
Construction Drip-proof structure
Radio format F1D
Radio frequency 429.2500 to 429.7375MHz
1ch:429.275MHz, 2ch:429.550MHz Swith change
Oscillation frequency synthesizer system
Modulation/Demodulation FSK modulation method, FSK demodulation method
Propagation velocity 2400bps
Declared power 0.01W
Receiving sensitivity -114dBm
Transmission distance 300m (when there is no obstacle)
AD conversion 12bit Sampling 10ms
Input voltage ±1V of F.S. (maximum ±2V) Analog voltage Transmitter
Output voltage ±1V of F.S. (maximum ±2V) Analog voltage Receiver
Accuracy between input and output ±5% of F.S. Including linearity
Transceiver antenna λ / 4 whip antenna, Absolute gain 1.0dBi


Reception error notification function

Software functions can be applied to all specifications for REC-1650 analog radio receivers.
If radio waves from a TRM-1650 transmitter used over the same channel are broken off, the LED lamp of a receiver (blue) blinks at a high speed to inform a user of a reception error.
Specification:Reception error notification function

Additional purchasable items

1)DC power cable for transmitter
 (Please specify cable length / Accessories are 1.5m)
2)DC power cable for receiver
 (Please specify cable length / Accessories are 1.5m)
3)AC adapter for receiver (Equivalent to accessory DC9V 0.65A)
4)Whip antenna for receiver (Equivalent to accessory SMA)
5)Transmitter battery BOX (Equivalent to accessory Use AA x 4)
 ※ batteries are not included.

Application example

Application example of TRM-1650/REC-1650

  • Magnetic survey
Our Model U-329 is used for detecting misfired mines, bombs and bombshells, all which have been buried underground or in sea beds, and for recording signals of magnetic detectors.
A transmitter is used to transmit analog signals to a U-329 analog recorder.

U-329Application example