Driver’s Aid

Driver’s Aid/ Peripheral device


It is a controller of the Driver’s Aid. Commercially available liquid crystal monitors can be used as indicators that display a run mode.
A standard mode that is used for exhaust-gas tests, etc. is installed in a built-in memory. It becomes possible to use a standard mode only by selecting it from a menu.
Any other modes that are not yet installed can be easily added by a customer.
Vehicle-speed signals can be selected from among analog signals or pulse signals.
All operating steps can be performed with a remote controller.
Moreover, if a keyboard and a mouse are connected, similar operating steps can be performed.
If a driver’s aid is connected to a personal computer, the transfer of modes, the selection of modes and the control of screens can also be done by operating from a personal computer.

Remote controller

A remote controller is used for selecting a run mode while viewing a menu provided by a driver’s aid, or for switching screens from a menu to a run mode.
Bring the transmitter in the car and use it.
There are wired and wireless type.
If an on-road test is conducted, a portable remote controller is mounted in a vehicle. It is convenient to use a cable type portable controller that does not need a receiver.

Calibration of remote control
Wireless type
 ●Wireless transmitter+ Wireless receiver
Wired type
 ●Wired transmitter+ Wired receiver
 ●Portable transmitter

Monitor for test chamber

Cart for monitor

Hanging device for monitor

A monitor to bring into the car

Heat insulation box for monitor

A monitor is used in a testing room where a vehicle test is conducted.
Test chambers are available in various environments, such as low-temperature rooms and high-temperature rooms.
Furthermore, there are various needs, such as the method of setting up a monitor to make it easier to conduct a driver’s test.
A test chamber monitor will be fabricated in conformance to user specifications after elaborate consultation between a customer and PANTOS.

Mode creation Software

Software is used to newly create an arbitrary run mode.
If a run mode is newly created, there is a need to create a text file in a specified format.
It is also possible to create a mode by referring to manuals. If software for mode creation is used, operating steps are proceeded in the form of entering all necessary matters into on-screen tables. This makes it possible to create an arbitrary mode easily.
If data is created on a personal computer, the data can be entered through a USB memory into a Driver’s Aid.